ALSAA has a busy schedule of energetic fitness classes to get you motivated! Whatever your passion, our schedule of classes is sure to have somehting for you. You can download your own copy of our timetable of fitness classes on the "Get Fit" page but to give you a taste, here is a description of our most popuar classes;


Suspension Training: A form of resistance training that involves bodyweight exercises, aimed at developing strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability! Using dynamic movements this class will really help you develop strength – once you get the “hang” of it, you’ll never look back!

40 min / 30 min Fitness Suite: Body conditioning, resistance training & an aerobic workout, all in one! The fitness suite is a specially designed suite where instructors put you through your whole body workout in 30 or 40 mins!

Spinning: A challenging and fun workout, suitable for all levels of fitness. Great for weight loss, aerobic fitness and toning! Test yourself in this fun and energizing class!

Aqua Fit: Not only is exercise in the water fun, it’s also very good for you with many benefits! You will get a great workout with low impact on muscles and joints. Due to the resistance of water, classes are at a slower pace than land based classes!

Fab Abs: Short 15 min class focused totally on abs and core! This is an ideal way to round off your workout or give your fitness class an extra kick. And it’s free!!!

Body Sculpt: This class will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body – and fast!! You will burn fat, gain strength and produce lean muscle. It is suitable for all levels of fitness so come along and get those results you want!

BLT: Bums, Legs and Tums classes are a great way to firm up and by toning these large muscle groups, your body will burn more calories and improve blood circulation. A class suitable for everyone!

Pilates: A conditioning routine that will help flexibility, strength and endurance. This class is great for developing core strength, balance and improving coordination. Sign up for a course and please bring your own mat!

Kettlebells: An all over body workout particularly focusing on the lower back, legs, core and shoulders. During a KB class you can burn up to 12 calories a minute while working several muscle groups simultaneously! This class will tone muscle, improve muscle endurance, and improve joint support & mobility!