Welcome to the Fitness Suite - Dublin's only dedicated 40 minute and 30 minute fitness class designed to shape and sculpt your whole body!

Classes take place mornings, lunchtime and evening 6 days per week and are ideal for those members who are short on time or enjoy working out as part of a group! This fitness class is suitable for all levels of fitness as all exercises can be adapted to suit everyone! It is often also used by beginners as an introduction to weights and toning work as it is controlled and fully instructor led!

A typical class involves a warm up circuit where you will spend 20-30 seconds at approx 10 different cardiovascular stations. This will help raise your heartrate and prepare your body for the rest of the fitness class. Exercises will vary but will include jumping jacks, heel kicks, fast feet, step ups, strides and jogging on the spot.

After a good stretch, you will then move to a full circuit where there are 18 stations. A selection of these are for local muscular endurance where you work all the major muscle groups in the body. Between each one of these is a cardio exercise!

Depending on the level of your group and your instructor, you will do 2-3 of the full circuits, with a different emphasis each time. You may work on power, on strength, on endurance or speed and coordination! There may also be variations on the length of each circuit and the number of circuits.

A good example of a 40 minute class would be the following circuit:

  • Preacher Curl (upper arm front)
  • Jumping Jacks (cardio)
  • Lat Pulldown (upper back)
  • Lunges (thighs)
  • Leg Extension (thighs)
  • Jogging on the Spot (cardio)
  • Ab Curls (tummy)
  • Chest Press (chest)
  • Side Lunges (cardio)
  • Leg Curl (thighs)
  • Squats on Fit Ball (thighs and bum)
  • Reverse Curls (tummy)
  • Tricep Dips (upper arm back)
  • Fast Feet (cardio)
  • Squat Machine (thighs and bum)
  • Strides (cardio)
  • Shoulder press (shoulders)
  • Step Up (cardio)

** please note that exercises, circuit number and circuit length will vary from class to class and between fitness instructors.